Amazon Fire TV Contrast with Apple Smart TV Box

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     Recently, Amazon released a smart TV Box that named Fire TV, which wanted to occupy the home entertainment market. Fire TV has no doubt been a big hit. There have been Apple TV and Google Chromecast on the main streaming media box. As a competitor of Apple TV, which pros and cons did Fire TV has? Let’s have a talk. 

     At first, Fire TV’s focus is to tout its voice search feature, but when you use the voice search command, the Fire TV will only search the Prime listed TV shows and videos. That let many consumers feel not satisfied. Apple TV’s remote only has a few basic buttons. It is a little hard to master. Many people are unsatisfied with this. Apple TV is actually more biased toward Apple services than Fire TV. Fire TV has many more selections for apple, and they have loads of content because of their link with HBO. 

Fire TV Contrast with Apple TV by vipstech

     Then, At the main parameters of them, Fire TV is a little black box with a quad-core processor and its very own dedicated GPU. It has 2GB of RAM. Apple TV with Single core and 512MB RAM. Both of the boxes have a power cable, an HDMI port as well as WiFi access or an ethernet port, if necessary. The setup with your respective accounts is a breeze.   

    Overall, both devices are workable and have their benefits. Apple TV are in impeccable 1080p HD quality. Fire TV will have plenty of games from EA, Disney, and other gaming studios. You can play games with your remote or with the app. 

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