Amlogic S805 can decode 1080P H.265 video

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In TV Box market, Amlogic as a chip solution supply has taken a very important role. Many TV Box Manufacturer that you can spell name have used Amlogic’s solution. In March, Amlogic released S805 for consolidating the position in the market.

Amlogic S805

      Amlogic S805 with AMR Cortex-A5 quad core CPU and 1.5Hz frequency. Although the Cortex-A5 is not the best, the main function of TV Box is watch the online video. The radiating of the box is the more important point. Think of both of them, that is why Amlogic choose the Cortex-A5.

    You know, people use the tv box to watch the online video and live TV show, so the graphics processor capability must be high. Amlogic have used the Quad core ARM MAIL450 GPU. The graphics processor capability is upgrade four more than AML8726-MX Mali400. Then S805 support 1080P H.25 decoding ,Gigabit Ethernet and XBMC . H.265 is a high efficiency video coding. You can watch more clearer picture with H.265. That is another solution chip don’t have.

Amlogic S805 TV Box by TV Box Manufacturer Vipstech

    All of those, Amlogic S805 TV box will be the most popular box later. We Shenzhen Vipstech Co., Ltd. have a lot of Amlogic S805 TV boxes.If you have interested in it, please contact us.


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