Allwinner A31 and Rockchip Rk3288 Chip Analysis

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    The Rockchip have strongly competed with Allwinner for several years in TV Box Solution. Both of them, who is better? How much do you know about them?

     The low cost and fully fuction are the Allwinner chip’s feature, so lots of TV box manufacturers use Allwinner chip in Quad core and Dual core TV box. Allwinner now serves as a solution provider, dedicated to smart application processor SoC and smart analog ICl. Rcokchip chip used in high level quad core media player for the high configure and excellent performance. Both of them, which is better, everyone has his views.

1A31 is the respentive product of Allwinner

allwinner a31

        A31 used 40nm technology and Quad Cortex-A7 CPU architecture with Power VR SGX544MP2 GPU,  support 4K*2K video decoding. In addition, the A31 is equipped with dual channel DDR, support 64-bit DDR3 and dual channel NAND Flash. The configures enhance the read and write speed, solves the bandwidth problem. Especially, A31 has a perfect power management system,  can realize the dynamic management of the power supply.

     Rockchip focuses on mobile Internet Platform with products targeted on Mobile Internet terminals (Tablet/OTT-BOX/Dongle/e-Book) and portable multimedia entertainment terminals (MP3/PMP). The Rk3288 was released in 2014 CSF HK.

2The Rk3288

RK3288 Chipset

    The RK3288 is a rather exciting product.You know, Rockchip released the RK3066 this was perhaps the first time a Chinese chip really not just caught up to last generation mainstream chips from big silicon designers like Samsung.

   Rockchip RK3288 has four of these Cortex A12 core, a 4L2K H.265 / HEVC video decoder, and an high-end Mali T624 GPU supporting OpenGL ES3.0 and OpenCL 1.1 that vastly outperforms Mali-400 MP4 found in RK3188. The RK3188 was and is a very good chip unto itself and perhaps more of an evolutionary advancement over the RK3066 if not the leap we had all hoped for. The die-shrink from the power-hungry 40 nm processed used on the RK3066 to a bleeding edge 28 nm did yield a massive increase in power efficiency. The RK3288 is another big leap in performance with the RK3188.

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