Google's Nexus TV Coming in 2014, Report Says

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   Google TV has played a bad performance in the competition with Apple TV for a long time. But now we can expect a reversal in this battle. According to a new report from The Information, Google is developing an “aggressively priced” set top box called Nexus TV. And the device is said to be ready for launch as soon as the first half of next year. Google isn’t giving up its living room ambitions.

   Google has launched a number of products to attempt to gain a foothold in the living room, starting with the ill-fated (but still living) Google TV operating system that manufacturers built into smart TVs and other devices. It later announced the expensive Nexus Q (which never officially went on sale), and this year it began selling a small HDMI dongle called the Chromecast, which streams from just a few services and costs $35. The latter has seen some success, but it's a device with a simple feature set. A fully-fledged Nexus TV set-top box that runs Android would be in a different category — though today's report suggests it will be "aggressively priced."

google's chromecast

   In Google’s opinion, Nexus can bring Google TV more opportunities. Nexus is a successful brand, including MID and smartphone. And it is popular with consumers. What’s more, a lot of manufacturers have imitated and want to exceed it. So Google think it is meaningful for Nexus TV.

   It is said that Nexus TV will run on Android, of course, stream video content from YouTube, Hulu and Netflix and play video games. The device will not support live broadcast, which would mean Google could avoid the hassle of trying to bring traditional content providers on board. That's a task that's so far proved impossible for other companies: Intel abandoned its efforts to launch an internet set-top box after failing to secure such deals, and it's rumored that an Apple television device has been delayed for similar reasons. If the Nexus TV reports are accurate, Google seems to be pursuing a similar strategy as Amazon, which is rumored to have a set-top box of its own set for next year.

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