What is The Difference Between Smart TV Box And Cable TV Box?

Date: 2016-07-27   Clicked: 1728
    Cable TV Box
    As we all known, cable TV box is the set top box that can transform the CATV singles. You can watch the live TV show by this set top box.
    Smart TV Box
    Smart TV box is a device that can make your TV smart. Equipping the traditional TV box with Android system, it can connect internet to your TV (not smart TV). And you can enjoy almost everything you can get from the local (TF card, HDD etc.) and internet on TV, such as 1080P videos, Android 3D games. What’ more, Android TV box is much cheaper than smart TV, you can pay little to enjoy the fun, “unlimited contents, unlimited applications”.
Below is the difference between cable TV box and smart TV box
1、Using smart TV box,you can watch not only live TV show, but also any request item. And you can add content source in the TV set. 
2、Cable TV box is received cable TV signals to broadcast content; Smart TV Box is received Network signals.
3、Using Cable TV Box or smart TV box, beside you need to pay for machine. And calbe TV box you still need to pay for content, network service fee for smart TV box.
4、The content source of cable TV box is clear and stable, but resolution is not enough high. Smart TV box is instead.
5、If you want to watch 720P program by cable TV box, you need pay additional contant fee. But you not only watch 720P,but also 1080P and 2160P program by smart TV box, most of these contant not need to pay.

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