Buying Guide For The TV-streamers

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     Media streamers are all the rage and we can see why, they are a great way to easily and cheaply get access to a wealth of online content including movies and TV shows. A cheap device is fine for getting TV shows and movies from most popular services onto a big-screen TV — as long as it's a regular, high-definition set. Of course, it's possible to simply watch video on a phone or tablet, but it's not as satisfying from a living-room couch.

Buying Guide For The TV-streamers by Android TV Box Manufacturer
     On the whole, these streaming sticks are very similar. They all plug straight into your TV via a spare HDMI port (requiring Micro-USB power) and connect to your internet over Wi-Fi in order to stream the content. While, their specs are closely matched, there are some differences to point out including which services are supported and what you get in the box.
     Amazon's Fire TV Stick stands out as a speedy, capable device for $40. It now comes with a voice remote for searches and Alexa assistant queries on weather, sports scores and other information.
      The Roku Express is cheaper at $30, though there's no voice remote, and the interface is slower (which doesn't matter as much once you sit back and watch the video). It's a great choice considering its wider app selection, notwithstanding the lack of iTunes.
      Google's entry-level Chromecast costs $35 — affordable, though the gadget is clunky without its own remote. It's slightly better with Android than iPhones.
      All the above specs and features are great but mean nothing if you can't watch some great content on your TV. With the right device, you can mirror your smartphone or tablet's screen on the TV via the streaming stick – but the big name services are more important.

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