How To Install Kodi On Android TV

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     There are two ways to stream content from Kodi to Android TV. One way is to utilise its Chromecast functionality and stream Kodi via android tv box. However, the other way is so much easier I’d recommend you don’t even waste your time trying to fiddle around with tv dongle.

Installing Kodi the incredibly easy way:

1、Download the Kodi app to your Android TV.
2、Configure the Kodi app to see the content you have stored on the network.
3、Installing Kodi the long-winded way:
If, for some reason, you can't download Kodi from the Google Play Store, here’s another way to install it onto your Android TV device.
1、Go to Android TV’s “Settings” panel and scroll to “Security & Restrictions”.
2、Turn on “Unknown Sources” to allow for installation of apps outside of the Google Play Store.
3、Download Kodi for Android from Kodi’s download page – depending on your hardware, you need to select either the ARM or x86 version.
4、Copy the downloaded .apk file to Google Drive or a USB drive and plug it into your Android TV.
5、Navigate to where you saved the .apk file using ES File Explorer or any other file management app.
6、Open the .apk file to be asked if you’d like to install Kodi and select “Install”.
7、Once the file has finished transferring across to your device, you’ll be asked once again if you’d like to install Kodi. Select “Install”.
8、Kodi will install and work exactly as if it was downloaded from the Google Play Store.
9、Configure Kodi so you can see the content you have stored in the network.

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