How to watch the Live TV Show with Android TV Box

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     Android TV box is a device that can make your TV smart. Smart TV is so popular recently. Can we watch the live TV show with Android TV Box? Of course the answer is yes in conditions of network.. Then how could I set android tv box?
     First, After you got a android TV box, open the packaging box, you will see some accessories, a HDMI cable, an AV cable, remote controller and an adaptor. You should use the HDMI cable connect with your traditional TV, so your TV was been controlled.

How to watch the Live TV Show with Android TV Box
    Second, there are so many applications based on Android OS. You can download APP that about live TV show or other apps that you want in your USB devices. Then plug the USB into the Android TV box.
    Third, you can install the live TV show app in the USB device by remote controller. Then set your network, resolution, that make your visual experience better when you watch TV show.  
    Using android TV box, beside watch live tv show, you also can play game, watch video on  Youtube, login on your Facebook, Twitter and etc. Just only download app on Google play. In a word you can enjoy almost everything you can get from the local (TF card, HDD etc.) and internet on TV, such as 1080P videos, Android 3D games. What’ more, Android TV box is much cheaper than smart TV, you can pay little to enjoy the fun

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