How to maintain Android TV Box

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     As the Google Nexus Player hit sale, blowing a Android TV Box streaming on living room. When you get a Android TV box, Besides to used it out, do you think how to maintain the Android TV Box?

   Fist, Do not turn off TV at will
 The correct step of turning on Android TV Box is 
1、insert the Android TV Box power supply,
2、open the TV switch button;
The correct step of turning off Android TV Box is
1、It is better to use the remote control to turn off the Android TV Box power supply, 
2、turn off the TV
3、pull down the Android TV Box power supply switch 
4、remember to close TV. As all we know, the power indicator lights on the condition that is still in power, so that not only serious internal friction, but also may cause potential safety hazard.

   Second, Avoid to working for a long time

    If the Android TV Box has been worked for a long time, heat will be stored up in machine. That will be bad for the internal electronic components. So it would be best not working for 24 hours on end.

    Third, Correct to clean the machine
    Because of electrostatic, there will be some dust on the surface of goolge tv box, especially on the white case. You can use water to polish; maybe there will be some traces of water on the surface. The best way is using LCD screen cleaning. Spray a little on the surface, then use cotton to polish.
    Last, Avoid to carve, fling and press
    It is portable and convenient for user to carry. Therefore, you should to protect the TV Box when you move it, avoid letting it fall to the ground.  At home, you need to take good care of the children and toys, scribing also cause some damage to the TV Box.
    If you operate the Android TV Box according to the above method, properly nurture the machine, Your Android TV Box will look like a new one; even then you used it for many years. Our Vipstech as a Android TV Box manufacturer,"For the sake of Clients, we will treat our clients as VIP" is our principle. Hope this article is useful to everyone.
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