What are the Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV Box

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      More and more people know smart TV now. And TV box or set-top box also enters into millions, which can make your traditional TV smart. But do you know the difference between smart TV and android TV box? Whether you need change a smart TV or get a android TV box.
     Smart TV, is a fully open platform, equipped with the operating system, users enjoy normal TV content at the same time, be able to install and uninstall applications, continues to expand and upgrade the capabilities of new television products. Configuration made tremendous progress for smart TV, smart TV used closed systems early, which were slow, many bugs and complex operation; Smart TV equipped with dual core or triple-core chip, which has super strong CPU performance efficiency, and running speed also is faster. GPU makes the screen fluency and smoothness guarantee, solving the problem of complex video signal processing, HD movies, 3D gaming, digital television, etc, all can be perfectly render.

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      Android TV Box, also called smart TV, it called HD player on early, With the desire of consumers for content, HD players slowly evolve toward smart TV box, smart TV box set HD player, IPTV, the Android system functions in one now. Compared to smart TV, Android TV box has mobile flexible, easy to use, and many other features. Now most of families have two or more TVs, Android TV box maybe need move to different places for TV using, which is smart TV can not do, Android TV box has so many free online movies, television resources. In one word, buying a smart TV box, the whole family can enjoy the fun of smart living room.

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      Both of smart TV and android TV box can provide us a wealth of intelligent features, but which one need to buy, depending on your demands. If you need buy a new TV, want a one-off experience, including online videos, voice, body and improved intelligence capabilities, then buy a smart TV is a good choice. And if you don’t want some fancy features, just look at TV, online video, and then buy a big screen TV, coupled with Android TV boxes, maybe is more efficient.

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