How to Play Game On TV Using Android TV Box

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     As we know, most android tv boxes support playing game, that make your TV smart and living room entermainment more plentiful. Do you know how to set up Android TV box, then play game on TV?

Android TV Box Can Play Game by
     First, you need to perpare airmouse or game controller. Because TV is different from computer, you need a controller to operate the game.
     Second, make your Android TV Box connect to the Internet, of course you can use WIFI or LAN, and your TV can surface on Internet.
     Third, use airmouse or game controller to load a game app on Android store on internet.
     Last, you install your game app, then restart your android TV box, and your game installation is over. Your plug your TV box to the USB Receiver, you can play the game.
     Of course the online game can not play on TV, but the game that can run on your mobile phone with Android OS, can play on TV. The TV size is bigger than computer, mobile electronic devices, so play game on TV make your feeling better. As the technology develop, even you can play 3D game.
     Our Vipstech have engaged in Android TV box for more than 6 years. And there are a lot of successful stories. We are confident in designing for you. If you interested in Android TV Box or have any questions about Android TV box, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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