Android TV Application will be reviewed then be appearance on Goolge play

Date: 2014-11-19   Clicked: 2001
      Why there are many trash applications and rogue software on the smartphone and tablet based on Android system now. One reason is Google play store don’t have good auditing rules. But now on Android TV box, google learn the lesson from the mobile device. Recent Goolge modified a Google Play policy, Here’s the policy as written under the Android TV section of Google’s apps distribution page:

     “Before distributing apps to the Play Store on Android TV devices, our team reviews apps for usability with a DPAD (apps) and Gamepad (games only) and other quality guidelines.”

Android TV Application will be reviewed on google play by

     That maybe sounds like bad for some Android Application developers. But it is fundamental plane on Apple store. Anyway it is good  news for normal customer, and the policy is just used for Android TV, not for mobile devices. 
     Actually, on the failed Google TV platform, Google don’t review fully and Affect the smart TV user’s experience, to cause Google TV failed. Android TV is on the early stage of development. The policy is good news for Goolge, the third platform , Android TV Box customer and Android TV Box manufacturer, the report says.
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