Only Five Minutes to charge full, Graphene Power Bank is Coming

Date: 2014-11-21   Clicked: 4369
       The battery life is a big problem of electronic mobile device all the time. Scientist are developing to use the grapheme and other technology to prolong the power bank battery lfe. Now the first graphene power bank is born. Its name is called Zap&Go.
Zap & Go
      The grapheme power bank capacity is only 1500mAh, but it charges itself fully in five minutes. It also can charger for smartphone and tablet PC. It equipped with universal plug and suitable for every type electronic mobile device. When it charged your device fully, it will make a beep to remind you. It costs $99 for the Zap&Go on Indiegogo. The report said, it will be on sale until Oct 2015.
Graphene Power Bank Zap & Go charge iPhone
      Maybe the capacity of the grapheme power bank is lower, but it can charge itself fully so fast, so it has some advantages to compete with the other product on the market. It looks like a battery, the appearance is not personalize. On this point, our vipstech power banks are fashionable design and have too many styles. 
     The grapheme will be a material to be widely used on power bank in the future. Hope the grapheme power banks capacity will be higher.

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