Amlogic S802, S805 and S812 STB SoC, Which One Match Your Requirements

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      Recently, there are some android TV boxes with Amlogic S812 appearance on the market, we know Amlogic S802 is quad core chip, and its performance is good.But Amlogic S802 is not the only new quad core processor, S805 and S812 are featured in HDMI TV sticks and TV boxes.
     Amlogic IP/OTT STB SoC page has a comparison table for their four STB SoC. Let’s go through this table to see which processor may better match different end-users requirements.

Amlogic S802, S805 and S812 STB SoC, Which One Match Your Requirements
     S802 – Good for 1080p and 4K video playback. Excellent performance with a quad core processor, Octa core GPU. Could be also used as a pretty good gaming platform.  No HEVC support.
     S812 – Same as S802 but adding H.265/HEVC video decoding up to 4K and Gigabit Ethernet. This makes it more future proof than S802, and it could potentially be used as a media center with a USB hard drive and Gigabit Ethernet connection.
     S805 – Upgrade for AML8726-MX with faster multi-core performance, better GPU, HEVC, 1080p H.264 video encoding, and Gigabit Ethernet. Apart from 4K support, it can do anything S812 does, so if you don’t need 4K video playback and output, this could be a cheaper solution. Power consumption should also be lower than to the Cortex A5 cores instead of Cortex A9 for the other SoCs.
      Our Vipstech have android TV box equipped with three chips on above. And we have several molds that matched these chips. Coustomer can select any one mold equipped with S802, S805 or S8012 Soc. If you are interested in these Amlogic android TV box, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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