Adding more channels can help Apple's set-top box to gain the top one?

Date: 2014-08-01   Clicked: 2110

     The report says, Apple added CNBCFox Now and two regional channels to Apple’s set-top box on Tuesday. Why Apple did this.Of course, to gain customers against Roku and other tv box manufacturers.

     In the streaming-media device market, nearly half of purchases of tv boxes were for Roku devices in US last year. Apple just was the second. Although Apple said it has sold about 20 million units worldwide as of April. The competitors including Amazon, Google and Roku have made Apple a lot of pressure. As the customers, glad to ensure we will never miss the business news and information we need or any of the primetime programs we enjoy on CNBC.

add channels can help Apple's set-top box

     Esporte Interativo, Brazil’s most-watched sports channel and first chanel in Latin, also be added in Apple TV. But it is not free, need pay $4.99 per month.. TV 2 Sumo is available on Apple TV in Norway. Also need to pay. Apple add some channels to the tv box, can these make help Apple gain more costumer? Apple should broaden its TV strategy by trying a new approach that would complement the current approaches which involve selling Apple TV boxes

     Many Apple watchers are looking forward to the fall and wondering if Apple will revamp the interface to be friendlier to the slew of available content, or issue some other upgrade to the set-top box.. There have not any reports. Let’s keep our eyes peeled.

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