Walmart will release Vudu Spark Streaming Dongle, Report says

Date: 2014-11-13   Clicked: 2111

    As all we know, Walmart is a super maket. Now it want to go to the living market by vudu spark HDMI dongle. It want to be a Chromecast competitor. Its appearance looks like Chromecast. Vudu Spark is a remote control to help navigate the on-screen UI according to the report.
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      Vudu is Walmart used to compete with Netfix. We can watch TV Shows and streaming video with them. Vudu Spark does turn out to be a Vudu-only streaming stick. Walmart is wending its way through the FCC, As Chromecast competitor, Chromecast features dozens of compatible apps, according to FCC filings the Vudu Spark only features one. So Vudu Spark do not have advantage on apps, the report says. 
VUDU Spark dongle romoter
     Some people said the Vudu Spark was boring. The Vudu Spark appears to be more set-top box than a multi-app compatible streaming stick. Unless Walmart has a surprise planned for the device's debut, the Spark appears to be nothing more than a convenient Vudu delivery system. Other apps or services don't appear likely.So Walmart need to go another way to advertise the Vudu Spark HDMI dongle. Any way if Walmart want to go to the living market successfully, must take a personalized road. Now the Vudu Spark don’t release, it is doubt about its report.

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