Google Nexus Player go on sale on Goolge Play today

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    Today, We can buy the Google Nexus Player on Google play. Let's have thorough knowledge of the Android TV Box.

    In recent years, the television as the main device of home entertainment, many smart tv boxes have been appearance. After the success of Chromecast, it’s obvious Google wants a second chance at making your TV smarter. Google announced Android TV on Google's I/O 2014. On 16th Oct, Google launched the Nexus Player, that is the first TV box to ship with Google’s new Android TV software.

Google Nexus Player -- Android TV Box

     Nexus is Google's succussful brand, include the samrtphone, tablet and game. Now the Nexus player is coming. It is hockey-puck-shaped. The design is attractive. Google’s Nexus Player has its work cut out for it if it hopes to challenge Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, and it doesn’t help that the existence of Chromecast confuses things. But its purpose will become rapidly clear to anyone on Android: Putting your favorite "consumption" apps on your TV — while letting you keep the phone in your pocket.Unlike the Fire TV and Apple TV, the Nexus Player doesn’t use a typical mobile processor. It’s armed with a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom chip, Imagination PowerVR Series 6 Graphics 2D/3D Engine, and 1GB of RAM. Internal storage is capped at 8GB.

the other side of google nexus player
      This time it is different with Chromecast, Google Nexus Player use the voice search remote. Pressing the voice search button located at the top of the remote triggers voice recognition. It’s also smart enough to bring up results for genres and YouTube videos.
      The Google Nexus Player ($99) comes with a voice search remote control, and there's a $39.99 optional game controller on the google play. With the Apple TV and Fire TV, the price of Nexus Player is undercut. The Android TV Box is very competitive.

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